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Tonehammer Requiem Professional [KONTAKT] .rar

the standard-key instruments allow you to play any of the passages in the library with the full complement of polytron voices, and they also have several specialised patches to enhance the timbral effects of the choir parts. the church organ is similarly equipped with a couple of polyphonic parts, and as with the standard-key instruments, you can play these parts with a fairly extensive palette of specialised patches. there are two versions of the organ part in the kyrie section, which are intended to work best with the church organ or an electronic organ, and another for the organ alone, which is equipped with two multispeed versions of each of the kontakt-compatible patches. these organ patches have a couple of different options for the keyboard: either an octave-based arrangement, or a set of keys that allow the organist to play multispeed or tremolos with relative ease.

Tonehammer Requiem Professional [KONTAKT] .rar

the optional multichannel parts are used to solve problems that can occur when playing polyphonic voices together; they're not essential, but they do make it easier to use the whole choir without causing any glitches in the kontakt engine. the choir parts are designed to be used with the 'multi' patch set, which adjusts the dynamics of each voice individually. you can also play the choir parts with the 'polytron' chorus set to produce a wide-range of timbres from a single voice.

the most obvious difference between av and the previous requiem is the pace at which the library plays. whereas the adult choir is performed at a tempo of 120bpm, the children's version is kept to a more leisurely 120bpm. this is partly because of the children's voices, of course, but also because of the nature of the internal sequence, which is limited to nine stops in staccato. this means that the sample plays staccato choruses to the beat without ever having a chance to move on to the next syllable. this has the effect of slowing the library down by about 10bpm compared to the adult version, which would normally be somewhere around 130bpm.


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