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Buy True Grit Pullover

At the Sherpa Pullover Company, we consider True Grit to be the true authors of the Sherpa Pullover craze. True Grit opened the door in 2013, as the Pebble Pile and Frosty Tipped pullovers began seeing some traction in Oxford, MS and Tuscaloosa, AL. Those fashion-forward sorority ladies could not have known that their preference for light and comfy outerwear would ultimately spark a trend that would leave the nation in plush, polyester cuddliness, but that's exactly what it did. True Grit stands alone at the top of the Sherpa Pullover pantheon, but that doesn't mean they're resting on their laurels. The 2017 collection features countless new colors and several never-before-seen styles that are as cute as they are comfortable.

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